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Metro Hue-Tech Chemical Co., Inc. has specialized in ink production for more than 20 years. The words “Technology & Trustworthiness” represent our sincere commitment to offering high quality products and this commitment, cherished since our foundation, has not wavered and continues to be our company’s DNA.

While our hue technology continues to receive high ratings at present, we continue to innovate and cater to the ever changing world. The present times call for fast production and wide-range of products. Metro Hue-Tech has the skills, experience and global resources to help you achieve it. This is our distinct trademark as leaders in the ink and chemical industry.


At Metro Hue-Tech, we have been supplying printing inks for more than 20 years and we always focus on understanding the problems and challenges that our customers face and providing tailor-made solutions. Whether for commercial, packaging or paper printing, we offer innovative printing inks and printing aids such as coatings and additives to help you become the frontrunner in your sector. Contact us about our printing ink families to find a printing ink that meets your requirements.


Flexible packaging

Printed plastic substrates are not only used for food packaging, but also in the “non-food” area as outer packaging, as carrier bags, shrink wrap (including “shrink sleeves”) etc. For food packaging, compliance with the relevant regulations with respect to migration properties may be required.

Gravure and flexo printing with solvent-based or UV curable inks are the most frequently used processes. The emergence of so-called “convenience food” during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about the boom in this segment.

Food Packaging

For food packaging, the applicable legal provisions must be observed.

If there is a risk that components of the printing ink could be transferred into the food either by direct contact or migration, the printing inks or the components of their formulations must be low odor and completely safe with regards to migration. Metro Hue-Tech is happy to assist you in the selection of suitable metallic pigments and provide special pigments and customized solutions for food packaging printing ink formulations.

Label printing

In the beverage industry, designing labels with special effects represents a significant marketing instrument for supporting sales and creating brands.

Today, metallic effects can be printed on a whole range of substrates used for labels, from the traditional papers to a variety of plastics. Flexo printing (narrow web) is most often used for this application. For large print runs, gravure printing is also used. Metro Hue-Tech can provide vacuum metallized pigments (VMP) that can print mirror effects in targeted areas of the label design. This way, these pigments offer advantages not possible with the typical technologies of metallization and embossed foils.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging (Example: outer packaging for food, electronics, consumer items, cosmetics, etc.) has usually been printed using sheet-fed offset printing. In addition, large packaging is printed with wide web flexo printing or coated in a lamination process.


Inks, pigments, processes, solutions? We are here to help

At Metro Hue-Tech, we don’t just sell high quality inks and coatings, we also share our 20 years of knowledge and experience with you. Through our close collaboration with our customers, we know the processes of the printing industry inside-out and understand your needs. This enables us to help you make your processes more efficient and sustainable.

Our responsibility to you and the environment

The availability of resources is limited. An ever increasing standard of living, the growing world population and the climatic change are only some of the catalysts resulting in scarcity of resources.

Thus we continuously optimize our production processes and consistently decrease our consumption of raw materials.The compliance with statutory and agreed environmental standards is an integral part of our mission statement. We make every endeavor to reduce environmental pollution, beyond the applicable provisions, to a minimum with appropriate means and by applying state-of-the-art technology.

Carmelray Industrial Park 1: With our facilities located near ecologically sensitive Laguna Lake, Metro Hue-Tech has always found the need to contribute to environmental preservation. Reforesting large areas with alluvial forests, creating biotope networks, treating wastewater with our proprietary chemicals as well as keeping and restoring historical buildings are part of our far reaching ecological compensation concept.

Reducing CO2 emissions by over 50% through water-based solutions for sustainable packaging:Compared to conventional solvent-based gravure printing, our new imported water-based flexo and gravure systems can reduce CO2 emissions by 50% or more. Contact us to transition from solvent to our new water-based printing and inks while maintaining current packaging color reproducibility.


Customers feedback to develop products

Creating fundamentally affordable and high quality ink has been the unchanging development policy at Metro Hue-Tech since our foundation. Besides satisfying customer needs, this means being at the vanguard of identifying new added value, which is the other side of customer needs. For that purpose, along with receiving feedback from the Sales Team, staff from R&D Team also directly visit customer locations to constantly gather feedback.

Furthermore, persons in charge of product design, production technology, production, quality control, logistics and marketing functions come together from the initial stage of development to meticulously consider from diverse perspectives what kind of products are useful to customers.

All departments are included in the process, from R&D, production, sales and other Metro Business Units

Two key factors have made this approach possible. First, all departments are included in the entire process, from R&D, production, sales and other Metro Business Units make it easier for each department to share challenges encountered in the course of development. Second, Metro Hue-Tech has accumulated a wide range of technologies in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and software, possessing core technologies in the fields of ink development, high-speed package feeding systems and print process optimization. Moreover, another major strength is start-to-finish development of hardware and consumables with our customers that enables Metro Hue-Tech to elicit maximum performance of our inks in order to provide the highest quality to our customers.

Developing "New Added Value" for our customers

The times have shifted from products to solutions. The era of satisfying customers simply by making a good product is
over. Now, there must be a focus on what kind of solutions can be provided by using such products. Metro Hue-Tech
always keeps in mind what we need to do in order to make products that are of maximum benefit to our customers. With
creativity, ingenuity and passion, Metro Hue-Tech promotes a wide array of R&D efforts that pursue possibilities in new
domains. Metro Hue-Tech will strengthen its development initiatives by providing a development environment aimed at
nurturing developers to think and express ideas freely.

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